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Version numbers for Sympl have the format {OS version}.{Sympl revision}.%y%m%d.{serial}, where:

  • The OS version is the major OS revision (eg: Debian Stretch is 9)
  • Sympl revision is for updates in the same major version.
  • The time/date is UTC date of the release. You can get these values easily with GNU date via date -u +%y%m%d.
  • The 'serial' is there in the event that multiple releases are needed in the same day, stating at 0.

For example, 9.0.190601.3 would be the Sympl for Debian Stretch, revision 0, updated June 1st, 2019 at 01:23 (AM) UTC, and the 4th update that day.

The sympl-update package will cause these to be updated on a daily basis from the original repository as part of the unattended-upgrades package.